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Flight of Fantasy

Posted by Willim Kotze on June 18, 2019 at 2:25 AM

Flight of Fantasy

Exclusively designed by Husqvarna Viking!

Embroidery machine techniques classes at QUILTSEW!

Join us for the ultimate series of classes which will get you to know your embroidery machine. Really well.

Owning a Husqvarna VIKING embroidery machine opens a world of creativity like no other. The features we have on our machines enables our imagination to take flight, and embroider beautiful designs which we can showcase on a beautiful project.

This series of classes can be adapted for other brands as well.

The wall hanging will combine all you have learnt in an exciting, unique and creative way.

The Flight of Fantasy project will require ten lessons and the following

techniques will be mastered:

1. Hooping up, Stabilizers, Basic embroidery

2. Candle wicking

3. Twin Needle, Wing Needle

4. Thread Velvet

5. Lace, Free Standing Lace

6. Felting

7. Yarn Couching

8. Mosaic applique, Glitter Vinyl

9. Applique Puffy Foam

10. Cutwork, Cutwork needle kit

11. Crazy Patchwork

What is it all about?

This lesson is about good beginnings, learning solid embroidery principles and then taking flight with a new embroidery skill set. 

Each lesson will be presented as a hands on class. You will be required to bring your sewing machine and accessories.

Find out more: [email protected] 

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